About Us

We are a group of leaders who are directly and indirectly related to various educational institutions across India and abroad. Staffpot.com was born out of a necessity to make recruitment at the school level simpler and easy for the School Leaders/Educationalists and Teachers, Facilitators, and supportive staff.


With our various interactions with School Leaders and Principals across the country we found that one of the most challenging parts of running an educational institution is about recruiting good educators and supportive staff for the school. The employees form the pillars of any school and are the most essential and key resource of an educational institution. Finding dedicated, well trained, and qualified staff is a very serious matter and to also to track and organise this process is also an important task.


Educators, teachers, and various other staff are also at the same time looking for opportunities at various good educational institutions across the country and abroad to invest their lives and talent to a growing, developing, established institution which would recognize and help them to grow in their field.


Staffpot.com is a platform that brings educators and facilitators from across the country with educational institutions to one platform. It helps them to connect and to reach out to each other.


We thank you for using Staffpot.com and its services.